Quick & Easy Installation

FyreWrap's fast, clean and easy characteristics contribute to its position as the easiest product to install on the Australian market. It also provides a fully compliant fire rating to Australian Standards. 

FyreWrap is directly applied to the surface of the metal duct in a single or double layer. In crowded and cluttered environments, FyreWrap may be installed with zero clearances between the wrap surface and surrounding combustibles at any location of the wrap, including material overlaps. 

To minimise waste, FyreWrap should be measured accurately and applied tautly prior to fixture. 

The FyreWrap Installation Procedure can be viewed here

Trafalgar has supplied FyreWrap to sites and projects Australia-wide. To see some FyreWrap applications, check out our Gallery. To find out more about FyreWrap applications, contact us.


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