Penetration Seals

Heat transfer via conduction, is one of the common ways in which a fire may spread through openings in fire rated barriers. It is a requirement to stop this heat conduction, just like we stop direct flame transfer and radiant heat transfer by which a fire can spread through an opening in a fire barrier. 

Trafalgar now has a tested system that meets the requirements for fire stopping of these openings in fire rated barriers to maintain the insulation rating to keep the temperature rise below required limits on the non-fireside of a fire rated barrier - the solution is FyreWrap!


For all previously fire tested Trafalgar fire stopping systems, FyreWrap can be applied to achieve an insulation rating of 120 minutes. 

Suitable for:

FyreWrap should be included on all penetrations incorporating metallic building services such as cable trays, including large bundles of cables and metal pipes. 


Where a metallic or ductile service penetration is nominated to have a fire rating with 120 minutes of insulation (to FRL -/XX/120) it shall be appropiately wrapped in 450mm of 38mm, 96 kg/m³ fully encapsulated fire resistant material, Trafalgar FyreWrap 1.5, sealed/wraped and certified to manufactuers guidelines to meet the fire rating requirement.  


View our FyreWrap - Insulation for Service Pennetrations Datasheet here.

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