Installation Advantages

FyreWrap is the safest and most environmentally friendly method of fire rating duct work in Australia.

In addition to these qualities, a range of benefits positions FyreWrap as the premium choice, far ahead of its counterpart and traditionally-used conventional fire spray.

It’s messy, expensive and unhealthy fire spray vs fast, clean and easy FyreWrap

This table identifies some of the benefits and conveniences of using FyreWrap:

Attribute FyreWrap Conventional Fire Spray
Installation process Easy Equipment set up, correct temp/site conditions, ventilation, clean substrate needed, slippery product.
Water source needed on site No Yes
Work close/disruptions to nearby trades No impact Significant impact
Dust generation/waste in drains No Yes
Impact on surrounding community No Yes
Installation time Fast Waiting time between layers. Mesh installation.
Overspray/masking (plastic protection) No Yes. Significant.
Weight of system Up to 5 times lighter Heavy
Easy-to-use access panels Yes, suitable for a range of applications and quick, easy access Less flexible solutions
Certification - Quality control Easy Difficult to determine correct thickness & mixture.
Off-site installation Yes. Beneficial for small site/limited access. Not practical. Too heavy.
Ease of repair Repair with tape or replace section. Requires setting up spray machine in occupied building (wet & dirty).
Vibration/seismic tolerance Yes Highly prone to cracking
Mould growth Tested. No mould growth. No testing for mould growth.
EASE OF IDENTIFICATION AS1851 – Maintenance of Fire Systems Clear identification and easy repair. Difficult to identify proprietary spray and mixing products.


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