"No mess. No clean up. No re-work. I will never have to go back to the old way of doing it again".


Trafalgar is synonymous with quality, solutions and complete compliance among installers. 

In the past, fire protection for duct work has been problematic for primary builders and sub-contractors. 

Using conventional cement or gypsum-based spray requires power, water and prevents other trades working in close vicinity. 

Further to this, the spray leads to a messy, unattractive finish and often requires a number of additional clean up attempts. 

FyreWrap has improved the building landscape, making lives of installers easier. 

FyreWrap gives users the freedom and flexibility to wrap ducts on or off-site before lifting them into place. 

The simple installation process has resulted in contractors completing $100m plus contract jobs up to three months ahead of original completions dates. Financial benefits - both on the initial installation and materials and the back-end - are significant.   

The incredibly light-weight system - up to five times lighter than traditional spray systems - ensures mechanical service contractors can decrease the weight of the ducts, saving up to 15% on duct material in the process. 

Trafalgar can also provide comprehensive on-site training, ensuring your crew has the tools and knowledge to install FyreWrap correctly. 


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FyreWrap Volume Calculator

The FyreWrap engineering team has also developed a volume calculator which is available on Android and iPhones. The free FyreWrap app allows you to calculate your FyreWrap volumes on the go when on site. It also provides access to directly contacting the FyreWrap team for quotes and further technical information from our engineering staff. Download it today! 







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