Health and Safety

Fyrewrap ticking the boxes in health and safety

In the beginning...

The bio-persistence on the fibres in the core FyreWrap product was identified after short-term exposure by inhalation in a study (no. 02G97008) by the European Ceramic Fibres Industry Association. 

As a result....

FyreWrap was deemed bio-soluble, which it is completely safe for installers and anyone handling or coming into contact with the product.

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Further testing

FyreWrap has also had mircobial resistance testing completed by Green Guard and Air Quality Services. 

FyreWrap was supplied, without any pre-conditioning, and relevant material samples were inoculated with spores of Penicillium brevicompactum and transferred to a static control environment chamber maintained at 95% and 25 degrees Celcius. 

This makes FyreWrap resistant to mould colonisation and perfect for environments such as hospitals, nursing homes and restaurant kitchens in which any type of mould grouping or activity could have catastrophic affects. The below pictorial chart demonstrates FyreWrap resistance to mould growth. 



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