The Superior Alternative

FyreWrap's technical attributes, quality and support positions it as a premium product and as the fast, clean and easy alternative to other options such as fire spray and fire board. 

FyreWrap's superiority can be defined by

  • neat and aesthetically pleasing 
  • easy installation using simple hand tools
  • minimal environmental impact - FyreWrap is the ultimate green product
  • its certifications and approvals
  • its high health and safety standards 
  • the installation speed which provides higher productivity
  • its diverse application ability 
  • the way it can be recognised and approved by building certifiers 
  • the way it comes - neatly packaged for your convenience and experience 
  • possibility of off-site installation 

Trafalgar has supplied FyreWrap to sites and projects Australia-wide. To see some FyreWrap applications, check out our Gallery. To find out more about FyreWrap applications, contact us.


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